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28 Mar 2023


Behind the Refugee Tent 

The process by which we cultivate a sense of the four within must be different. It takes experience and journey to finally be able to use that empathy to help others. The sense of empathy I had also arose when I had the opportunity to volunteer in a refugee camp in Europe….


Wellness from the Kampung 

Nowadays, the development of the world which is increasingly modern makes human life more and more separate. Especially with the increasing rate of growth in urban life. Increasingly, urban society is transformed into an individualistic person. Though human nature is to socialize. Humans need to interact, relate to others, foster tolerance and help each other….

Living in Harmony with Narcissists 

Let's admit that there is a space, small or large, within us that craves attention. There is a term "healthy narcissism" which is part of normal human functioning which is manifested in the form of self-confidence that is gained in real achievements. Narcissism becomes a problem when individuals are busy with themselves, need excessive admiration and approval from others, are indifferent and insensitive to others….

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