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28 Mar 2023



TikTok Talks with Fayara Aretha 

We’re sure you’ve seen this sweet laid-back girl if you’re on TikTok, Fayara Aretha, whose bio is ” 99% dylan content if you know me, pls block thx “. Well yes, you might have seen the 15-year-old a lot from her adorable videos being lovey dovey with her boyfriend , but besides that Faya also often uploads other videos that show her unique fashion sense on her TikTok.


Talking with Andreas Harsono: Freedom of Opinion 

How can we do social media without being nervous? I spoke with Andreas Harsono, a journalist and researcher for Human Rights Watch about the ethics of playing social media; about what freedom of expression is, and the importance of netizens understanding the elements of journalism in order to be able to play social media safely….


Achieving Life Balance 

The reason I want to do a marathon is for good. I feel sufficient and grateful to have been given everything by God. Why don’t I return what God has given to someone else in need? For me, everything has to be in balance….

Tracing Carbon Footprints 

Many of us may not be aware of how much influence our daily activities have on the sustainability of the earth. Starting from turning on the TV, charging smartphone batteries, to eating can contribute to environmental damage such as drought, natural disasters or reduced food production. Every day we can produce a carbon footprint or gas emissions that are generated from all these activities….

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