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28 Mar 2023

Category: Self

Cling back to Nature 

When we come into contact with nature we will experience the evolutionary process of consciousness. Either a little or a lot, there will be a change in mindset that forms awareness of the environment while in the process of farming. Because every time we come into contact with nature, we are actually in a relationship with it….


Creating Influence 

Humans are social creatures who tend to influence each other. Especially in Indonesia, where the habits of the people tend to follow what is trending. Therefore, in quotes, if we want to make an impact, one strategy is that we build the trend first….


Achieving Life Balance 

The reason I want to do a marathon is for good. I feel sufficient and grateful to have been given everything by God. Why don’t I return what God has given to someone else in need? For me, everything has to be in balance….


Wellness from the Kampung 

Nowadays, the development of the world which is increasingly modern makes human life more and more separate. Especially with the increasing rate of growth in urban life. Increasingly, urban society is transformed into an individualistic person. Though human nature is to socialize. Humans need to interact, relate to others, foster tolerance and help each other….


The Art of Asking and Receiving 

We must often or have heard the expression "Words are prayers" or "The Power of Your Mind." Is it true that what we think and say can become a prayer and occur in our lives? Understanding one of the laws of nature, namely The Law of Attraction and at the same time practicing it, can prove whether what we think and say can really happen….

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