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28 Mar 2023

Category: People


Creating Influence 

Humans are social creatures who tend to influence each other. Especially in Indonesia, where the habits of the people tend to follow what is trending. Therefore, in quotes, if we want to make an impact, one strategy is that we build the trend first….


Raising Girls 

Every mother in this world would like to see her children grow and have a good future. Every parent wants to raise their children so that they can respect themselves without forgetting to respect those around them….


TikTok Talks with Fayara Aretha 

We’re sure you’ve seen this sweet laid-back girl if you’re on TikTok, Fayara Aretha, whose bio is ” 99% dylan content if you know me, pls block thx “. Well yes, you might have seen the 15-year-old a lot from her adorable videos being lovey dovey with her boyfriend , but besides that Faya also often uploads other videos that show her unique fashion sense on her TikTok.

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