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28 Mar 2023



Food For Thought: Personality Captures the Heart 

Beauty may attract the eyes, but personality captures the heart. No one is the same, especially the personality he has. Each of them has its own uniqueness which makes it interesting and different. The following selection of films provide us with both an overview and a lesson in getting to know a person’s multi-dimensional personality….

Cling back to Nature 

When we come into contact with nature we will experience the evolutionary process of consciousness. Either a little or a lot, there will be a change in mindset that forms awareness of the environment while in the process of farming. Because every time we come into contact with nature, we are actually in a relationship with it….


Creating Influence 

Humans are social creatures who tend to influence each other. Especially in Indonesia, where the habits of the people tend to follow what is trending. Therefore, in quotes, if we want to make an impact, one strategy is that we build the trend first….


Raising Girls 

Every mother in this world would like to see her children grow and have a good future. Every parent wants to raise their children so that they can respect themselves without forgetting to respect those around them….


Every Woman Is Different 

All women have their own uniqueness. They are created differently with different sides of beauty. So that in fact there is not a single woman who is not beautiful. The key to making her face shine and radiating beauty is a happy mood….


Talking with Andreas Harsono: Freedom of Opinion 

How can we do social media without being nervous? I spoke with Andreas Harsono, a journalist and researcher for Human Rights Watch about the ethics of playing social media; about what freedom of expression is, and the importance of netizens understanding the elements of journalism in order to be able to play social media safely….


Achieving Life Balance 

The reason I want to do a marathon is for good. I feel sufficient and grateful to have been given everything by God. Why don’t I return what God has given to someone else in need? For me, everything has to be in balance….

Tracing Carbon Footprints 

Many of us may not be aware of how much influence our daily activities have on the sustainability of the earth. Starting from turning on the TV, charging smartphone batteries, to eating can contribute to environmental damage such as drought, natural disasters or reduced food production. Every day we can produce a carbon footprint or gas emissions that are generated from all these activities….

Behind the Refugee Tent 

The process by which we cultivate a sense of the four within must be different. It takes experience and journey to finally be able to use that empathy to help others. The sense of empathy I had also arose when I had the opportunity to volunteer in a refugee camp in Europe….


Wellness from the Kampung 

Nowadays, the development of the world which is increasingly modern makes human life more and more separate. Especially with the increasing rate of growth in urban life. Increasingly, urban society is transformed into an individualistic person. Though human nature is to socialize. Humans need to interact, relate to others, foster tolerance and help each other….

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