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28 Mar 2023

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Grab Merchant Innovations for the Sustainability of MSME’s

Grab Merchant Innovations for the Sustainability of MSME’s 

Factors that slow down the growth of MSMEs are not only a matter of capital, but also networks.

tirto.idSmall chili peppers. This proverb is suitable for describing the small but powerful micro, small and medium business sector (MSME) in Indonesia.Not only contributed greatly (about 60%) to the total Gross Domestic Income ( GDP ) and employment, the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI) and Bank Indonesia said 96 percent of MSMEs had survived a number of crisis shocks that toppled giant companies.

Now the Covid-19 pandemic is again testing the resilience of MSMEs. How not, people’s shopping patterns have switched to online alias online . Based on MarkPlus Inc. survey results, retail trade online shopping transactions jumped 6-fold during the pandemic. This makes SMEs who are unfamiliar with the digital ecosystem lose income, while those who are first fluent in digital are demanded to be more creative and continue to be innovative so as not to sink into competition.

Factors that slow the growth of MSMEs apparently are not only a matter of capital, according to the Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association Central Board (BPP HIPMI) Mardani H. Maming, the matter of networking is also a challenge. The only way to reach a broader market is digital literacy, whereas to date 87 percent of MSMEs are still offline or offline .

Innovation in the Middle of a Pandemic

The government has 5 major schemes to assist MSMEs in dealing with a pandemic. The scheme consists of direct assistance; tax incentives; credit restructuring; emergency working capital assistance; and requesting all ministries, institutions and local governments to be the frontline in the economic recovery of MSMEs.

But it’s hard to have to move alone. According to 2018 Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data , there are 64 million MSME actors in Indonesia, so the government also needs help from various parties according to their respective capacities: community, SOE, to the private sector. So Indonesian Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Teten Masduki welcomed when Grab showed its commitment to help the MSME actors through the launch of GrabMerchant.

“UMKM is a sector that keeps the wheels of our economy spinning, therefore we must ensure the continuity of their business in the midst of the transition to a new life order or new normal ,” Teten said in a virtual press conference last Thursday (11/6).

GrabMerchant is an all-in-one platform aimed at helping Indonesian MSMEs transform into online businesses, develop in the era of the digital economy, and adapt to new settings. A range of digital features and services are provided so that MSMEs can run a comprehensive online business while optimizing business and driving operational cost efficiency. This application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and will soon follow for iOS users.

Grab Indonesia’s Managing Director, Neneng Goenadi said , “This GrabMerchant platform is one of our long-term commitments ‘Grab for Good’ to help accelerate the digital transformation of MSMEs in Indonesia, by providing business solutions that are easy to use to help them get started, run , and develop their online business independently. ”

Registration for GrabMerchant is easy because it can be done digitally. Culinary businesses only need to download the GrabMerchant application, follow the registration process, and can immediately start selling at GrabFood in the fastest time in 24 hours. Its main features include marketing to increase sales and business reports to evaluate sales and marketing effectiveness.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of digitalization. MSMEs that have adopted digital technology can continue to operate during the PSBB period, and can minimize the impact of a pandemic on their business. The latest GrabMerchant platform from Grab is a much needed innovation today, and will greatly help accelerate the digital transformation of MSMEs in Indonesia so that they can adapt and develop in the era of the digital economy, “continued Teten.

No less interesting, GrabMerchant also features a User Profile feature to meet operational needs while ensuring business security. This feature consists of three user profiles — Owner, Store Manager, and Cashier — each of whom has access according to their responsibilities.

The Owner Profile has full access to GrabMerchant’s services and features, from operational management, monitoring and analysis of business performance, payment settlement, inventory management, marketing campaign management, to filing financial facilities. Store Manager Profiles help Owners to oversee and manage store operations, while Cashier Profiles can only access payments and manage orders.

Speaking of the supply of raw materials, the Wholesale feature can be used by entrepreneurs to complete it practically. Grab works closely with partners providing quality staples, such as TaniHub and Sayurbox, which provide wholesale prices as well as next-day delivery or one -day delivery services so that store operations are running more smoothly.

“I have been using GrabFood since 2017. The technology offered by GrabFood has helped me to efficiently manage both of my online stores. Features such as Transactions can help me monitor online sales performance every day, in addition there is a Promotional Feature that gives me the flexibility to promote my store and food menus whenever I want. The Wholesale feature is also an easy and effective way to purchase fresh ingredients at an affordable price, with free shipping, “Muhammad Faisyal, owner of Kongkowrongok in Bandung, shared his experience using the GrabMerchant feature.

This pandemic, as Teten said, is the right moment to accelerate the transformation of conventional business to digital, especially in order to minimize the impact of a pandemic. If you want to survive, UMKM must be ready for change.

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